Olla Común

Community pots, community kitchens, or People’s kitchens have been set up all over the world by ordinary working people fighting for food justice.

  • El Páramo in Villa Alemana feeds hundreds of destitute families a week.

People have taken over spaces, raised funds, grown their own food, cooked together and organised their communities to combat the poverty and hunger caused by a cruel, inhumane neoliberal system. A system that sees the poor and vulnerable abandoned and left behind in the face of a global pandemic that does discriminate. 

These community kitchens, whether in shanty towns in Chile, India, or working class areas in UK, are built with the same underlying ideology:

“El pueblo apoya al pueblo”, “for the people by the people” or “लोगोंसेलोगोंकेलिए”

And it is with this principle, and with love and solidarity that CSN is raising funds to support  El Páramo, an Olla Común in Villa Alemana, in Chile’s central Zone that feeds hundreds of destitute families a week.

As one volunteer said “…this Olla Comun is about reconstructing the social fabric in the community in Peña Blanca, in the region and worldwide”

To donate directly to El Páramo community kitchen email us at Chileansolidaritynetwork@gmail.com