On 19 of December, there is a choice.

To build a Chile where the right to love, dignity, equality, and respect for each other, our environment, and our indigenous peoples becomes the norm. OR to live in a Chile where intolerance, inequality, and authoritarianism thrive.


SAY NO TO KAST and say it loud and proud

Support this historic moment and help to get out the vote!


  1. Get out and vote on 19 December!

    People in the UK:  we want to help as many people to vote on Sunday 19 December in London. 

Check if you are registered to vote
Click on this link to check via Servel here >>

Help others to vote in London
If you need or can offer accommodation in London to help others to vote, please complete this form and Asamblea Chilena de Londres will help you as soon as possible!

2. Say it loud, say it proud, and spread the word
Film a 1-minute message with your phone and spread the word. 

Filming with your mobile phone
Ask someone to film you with a mobile phone
Find a quiet location, with little background noise 
Make sure you film your head and shoulders.
Hold the mobile phone horizontally.
Film a one-minute message, looking straight at the camera, to the peoples of Chile.

Say it loud and proud – some words you may want to use in English and Spanish
My name is X and I live in X
On December 19 Chile has a choice
You can choose to live in a country where people are free to love and marry who they want,
a country where women have the right to make decisions with support and security,
where the elderly can retire with a dignified pension, 
and where health and education are a right, not a privilege.
You can choose to live in a country where your political views will land you in jail.
Where the environment and people take second place to private corporate profits.
Where workers, unions and their wages are not protected.

Chile – we support you in your fight against fascism, until dignity is the norm

El 19 de diciembre Chile tiene una opción
Puedes elegir vivir en un país donde las personas son libres de amar y casarse con quienes quieran,
un país donde las mujeres tienen derecho a tomar decisiones con apoyo y seguridad,
donde los adultos mayores puedan jubilarse con una pension digna,
y donde la salud y la educación sea un derecho, no un privilegio
Puedes elegir vivir en un país donde tus ideas políticas te llevarán a la cárcel.
Donde el medio ambiente y las personas están en segundo lugar después de las ganancias de las empresas privadas.
Donde los trabajadores, los sindicatos y su salarios no estén protegidos

Chile – ¡te apoyamos en tu lucha contra el fascismo, hasta que la dignidad sea la costumbre!

Spread the word

Get your film out online as soon as possible and make sure the message is heard loud and clear in Chile.

Tag us on twitter and Facebook: @chile_network and @asambleachilena 

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If you also send us your film, with your name, town or city, we can caption it and share it for you!

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