Statement from the Mapuche Nagmapu Community

We share this important communiqué of the Mapuche Nagmapu Community. Chile Solidarity Network repudiates the racism of local authorities in not protecting the activists. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Mapuche people in their struggle for equality and autonomy.

From the Mapuche NagMapu Community, located in the high hills of Viña del Mar.

We make this communiqué in support of all our brothers and sisters who are in the legitimate struggle of ancestral vindication, and the legitimate peaceful protest of hunger strike, which have already taking place in different prisons in the Ngulumapu[Western Mapuche ancestral lands, currently occupied by the Chilean state] territory for 90 days; such as: Angol, Lebu and Temuco. Among the Mapuche Political Prisoners, is our Machi[Traditional Mapuche healer and religious leader] Celestino Córdova, who has shown serious deterioration in his health as a result of previous strikes, along with the estrangement from his ritual rewe[mapuche altar] as he is not able to fulfil duties as machi or strengthen in his natural space. We call on the immediate application of ILO Convention 169, to safeguard the life and health of our political prisoners that allows them to be in their lof [familial clan], with their people serving the sentence that the Chilean Racist State has imposed on them simply because of being Mapuche and their political interests of exploitation in our land.

We reject the vandalism of the supremacist, last night, against our brothers and sisters, during the legitimate takeover of the municipalities in support of the mobilization of the Mapuche Political Prisoners. It shows that supremacists within the Chilean People still cannot understand that the Mapuche is not the enemy. It is the colonial, subsidiary, patriarchal state, who today violate the integrity of those who stand firmly against the injustice of the appropriation of our land.

We call on everyone to be alert, to take action in the territories, responding to the call of solidarity towards our brothers and sisters.

For the liberation of the Mapuche Ancestral Nation.
Respect for our Ancient Spiritual Authorities.
For the return of usurped territory.
Mapuche Nagmapu Community

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