Sponsor a political prisoner

Thousands of Chile youth have been imprisoned and wrongfully accused of breaking the law. These fighters for social justice, for dignity and respect, have been criminalised by the very State that has made them invisible in the first place” Sergio, Chile Solidarity Network, CSN

On 3 December 2019, after 1 year in detention, Carlos Peyrin received a 3 year + 1 day prison sentence, with no possibility of appealing or commuting his sentence. He was charged, using falsified evidence, with throwing an incendiary device at a police van. The lawyer assigned by the state urged Carlos to plead guilty promising that we would go free.

Read the letter to Carlos from his sponsors, Student Action for Chilean Human Rights, University of Sheffield.

There are over 3,000 political prisoners in Chile, and just like Carlos, many are young, facing trumped up charges with little or no evidence and many are facing up to 20 years in jail.

By Jimena Pardo, part of the virtual “Solidarity Stitch in” by Bordando por Memoria

Our “Sponsor a political prisoner” programme is reviving a proud UK tradition of solidarity with Chile’s peoples that spans decades; from the military coup in September 1973 to the imprisonment and trial of the brutal dictator, Augusto Pinochet 1988 – 2000.


  • Sponsor a political prisoner: help secure the release without charge of the Chile’s youth by providing practical support and solidarity to political prisoners and their families.
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