ACES Chile Press Release

This press release is from the Coordinating Assembly of Secondary School Students (ACES) in Chile

We are hours away from having a new process for taking the Transition Test to grant entry into university, and which as we have proposed in recent years, is a deeply segregated and discriminatory process. We have called on the various authorities in power to respond to the demand for free and universal access to higher education, but we see that the government is not prepared to make any real changes to the education system.

We know that universal access to higher education is possible, it is just a matter of seeing how several higher education institutions are already considering and have implemented access without the submission of this test.

Our proposal in the face of the demand for universal access to higher education is that there should be a hybrid between the baccalaureate and the propaedeutic. How would this work? It is a process of levelling out and preparing for entry to study for the career that we really want, and that this be the only requirement for entering tertiary education.

It is unthinkable that in this context we have been made to take this test in the same way. The contagion is increasing explosively again, as it did in July last year, and yet we are forced to face this process, knowing that not only are we exposed to it, but also our families.

Finally, we reiterate the call to the educational communities to organise themselves, to no longer allow this to be the education that we leave to future generations. This struggle is not only the role of the students, but of the people as a whole. We cannot protest only for education, but it must be against the entire economic model.

Contact us:
Catalina Garay, spokesperson ACES-Chile: 936101770
Marcos Faure, spokesman ACES-Chile: 972818037
Víctor Chanfreau, press officer: 977010222

Santiago, 4 January 2021

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